Dogsledding the Auto Road
Training Run #2 with Theresa, the NH State Parks Intern

Chase the adrenaline junkie that will be seeking the peak next Thursday 3/8 at 9AM met Theresa, and intern with NH State Parks Intern Theresa. As we got out of the vehicles, the wind hit us and the snow was blowing to the point that my camera couldn’t focus at some points due to all the flakes swirling around us. Enjoy the photo journey with us!

The two Malmute Siberian Mix Brothers ...

Guiness & Eragon ready for dogsledding up Mount Washington!

Theresa and Chase took off in a flash of sprinting paws and swirling snow. Theresa was grinning ear to ear and Chase looked as excited as she did. I wondered as they disappeared from view, what weather they’d encounter as they climbed the Auto road. Check out the hourly history from  the National Weather Service. Keep in mind, Chase and Theresa took off at 6:45 and reached the treeline turn around point at approx. 7:50AM…. 83 MPH with gusts of 89 MPH, WHOA!

Weather Sky Cond. Temperature (ºF) Pressure Precipitation (in.)
Air Dwpt 6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr 6 hr
Max. Min.
28 08:54 NW 62 0.00 Light Showers Snow Blowing Snow Freezing Fog and Windy VV000 1 1 NA NA
28 07:52 NW 83 G 89 0.00 Blowing Snow Freezing Fog and Windy VV000 3 3 NA NA
28 06:50 NW 92 G 102 0.00 Blowing Snow Freezing Fog and Windy VV000 5 5 12 5 NA NA
28 05:50 NW 85 G 92 0.00 Blowing Snow Freezing Fog and Windy VV000 10 10 NA NA

Meet the team and check out the shots of take-off:

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Check out this post-run interview with Theresa:

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